A Versatile Bracket System for your Video Camera and DSLR Accessories.
The Professional Solution for mounting Wireless Microphone Receivers,
Audio/Video Flash Recorders, Lights and Shotgun Mikes to your Camcorder.
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BaseA Bracket System Video


Used by professionals around the world, these revolutionary Bracket Systems
are ideal for mounting wireless microphone receivers, flash audio and video recorders,
shotgun mikes, lights, and other accessories to your video camera or DSLR!




-tripod mounted or hand held your wireless receivers and accessories stay securely attached to your video camera or DSLR with our bracket system


-convenient positioning for mounting accessories without blocking video camera controls or impeding use


-adapter boxes & plates to further protect and simplify attaching your wireless receivers and accessories

camcorder bracket system

dslr cold shoe bracket

dslr multi-coldshoe bracket




-attaches to existing tripod receiver holes without sacrificing tripod mounting capability


-super light: Made from high strength aluminum with stainless-steel threaded inserts


-custom raincovers to protect your camera and accessories from the elements


Available for your DSLR cameras!

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